Nisar Smiler

Nisar Smiler with over 50 years experience and considered one of the early pioneers of Karate in northern England. Nisar studied Goju Ryu in Tokyo, Japan at the family dojo of Gōgen Yamaguchi.

Following Nisar's gold medal at the all Japan open competition in the late 70's. His competition career spanned 30 year in which time he has won 100 Gold medals, in kumite and kata, these include two world golds, four British golds, and 4 European titles.

Derek Willoughby

Derek Willoughby having started karate in 1985, he has represented England and Great Britain internationally in both kumite and kata. Member of the team that came second in the 5 Nations Championships in Germany 1997. 5 times National Kumite Champion 3 time National Kata Champion He has trained students up to World Championship level in 2004: Jasmine Macauley - World Kata Champion Richard Black - World Kata Champion Founder of The Northern Karate Union Former Chief Kata Instructor and Chief Kumite Referee for the Northern Karate Union National Squad Former Chief Kumite Referee to the World Martial Arts Council. Currently the Chief Instructor to Nagashi Shukokai Karate.

Tony Duke

Tony Duke with 47 years experience in Wado Ryu Karate. In that time Tony has also practiced Tai Chi, Wing Chung, Aikido, Jujitsu and gained black belts in Kenpo, Jodo and Goju Ryu.Tony founded Hyo Gen Do Karate Association in 1994 and was chief instructor to the organisation until 2015.​ Tony has taught internationally and was awarded National Instructor of the Year in 2007 ​

Gary Morris

Gary Morris is a weapons expert teaching traditional Kobudo - Sai - Bo - Jo Tonfa - Nunchucku.

M.A Ali

M.A. Ali of India the only National Life Representative at The World Mixed Martial Art Council(U.K). An International Champion, Coach & a SUFI Spiritual Leader in Chistiya order has organised more then 100s of event in India and abroad since last 29 years. Universal peace rally in honour & in memory of Mother Teresa are also organised by him since last 22 years at Kolkata.

The World Mixed Martial Arts Council has appointed M.A Ali as the Director of World Cup, World Meet, International global sports award, International sports award and many more. Which will be held annually or after 2/3 years in different countries.

M.A Ali is being honoured as "Hero of Gender Equality" by the Government United States of America.